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BFD Building Flow Design AB

Consultancy in Civil Engineering



BFD offers consultancy in construction and civil engineering. The company is contributing to design data for energy, power, heat, air and water flows in buildings and the built environment. We work in close cooperation with the Division of Fluid and Climate Technology (Building Science) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and CFDynamics in Stockholm. BFD has been started and is led by Professor Sture Holmberg.




BFD team members have both academic and practical engineering experience to offer a complete range of airflow design and optimization services.

BFD provides the fundamentals to improve the indoor air quality considering influential factors such as indoor and outdoor sources of pollution, heat and humidity, together with the ventilation and air conditioning systems.






Project 1. Sustainable and optimal air to air heat pumps – an ongoing innovative evaluation:


In Europe, the building sector is responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption and represents about a third of Europe’s CO2 emissions. Although the energy renovation of existing buildings could help to achieve the EU climate and energy targets, the refurbishment rate is currently below 1% and renewables are not widely used in the building sector. Innovative energy systems with low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling are suggested in the project. As the air-air heat pump is very efficient and economical during most of the heating season, we study its application in combination with additional energy sources.

BFD Building Flow Design AB

Consultancy in Civil Engineering

Org.nr 556559-6029

Huddinge, Sweden

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